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We are excited to introduce Global Seminars! Join your favorite professor and a small group of SNC students for shorter #SNCadventures during the J-Term and Maymester.
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Global Seminar: HONR 111 - The Life and Legacy of Norbert of Xanten (1st Year Honors Students Only) De Pere, United States; Frankfurt, Germany; Munich, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic
Terms: J-Term Description: HONR 111: The Life and Legacy of Norbert of Xanten (Catholic Imagination) Who was Norbert, and what did he stand for? Join the Honors Program as we undertake to discover and understand our Norbertine heritage at the places in Central and Eastern E urope[...]
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Global Seminar: Immigration in the Americas Albuquerque, United States; El Paso, United States; Nogales, United States; Phoenix, United States; Tucson, United States
Terms: J-Term Description: POLI 378: Borders & Exclusion in the US (Advanced Difference & Diversity) How do borders define and limit human beings? What is the role of borders in stemming the flow of people and goods? In this course we consider the human, ecologica l,[...]
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Global Seminar: Winter in Rome: Art in Context Rome, Italy
Terms: J-Term Description: ART 337: Rome & Western Culture Through the Visual Arts (C-WT, C-AD)  Walk the winding cobbled streets of central Rome and engage with history, culture and religion through thousands of years of art. This course will explore Rome as a [...]
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