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We are excited to introduce Global Seminars! Join your favorite professor and a small group of SNC students for shorter #SNCadventures during the J-Term and Maymester.
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Global Seminar: HUMA 389 in Spain Burgos, Spain; León, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Terms: Summer Description: HUMA 389: Walking the Camino: The History and Spirituality of Pilgrimage (C-CI, C-AD; approval pending) with Dr. Sands will explore the spirituality and history of pilgrimage. Students will learn about the art, architecture, food a nd[...]
Global Seminar: ART 337 in Rome Rome, Italy
Terms: J-Term Description: ART 337: Rome & Western Culture Through the Visual Arts (C-WT, C-AD) with Professor Ries will explore Rome as a living museum of important western intellectual and artistic traditions with foundations in antiquity. Students will engage [...]
Global Seminar: BIOL 489 in South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Terms: J-Term Description: Would you like to have class while sitting only a few feet away from a wild elephant or rhinoceros? Travel to South Africa and learn while on safari! During J-Term 2019, Dr. Brandt will teach African Wildlife Conservation and Management [...]
Global Seminar: BUAD 340 Leadership Lessons from WWI and WWII Bayeux, France; Berlin, Germany; Bruges, Belgium; Brussels, Belgium; Verdun, France; Weimar, Germany
Terms: Summer Description:   Between 1914 and 1945, a mere 31 years, the world witnessed a period of unprecedented conflict, violence, and inhumanity. Driven by several historical forces – nationalism, imperialism, militarism – combined with remarkable [...]
Global Seminar: ECON 355 in The EU Amsterdam, Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Frankfurt, Germany; Grimbergen, Belgium; London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer Description: ECON 355: International Economics in the European Union (C-AD, C-BB) will explore The EU. The European Union represents the world’s largest economy, where the combined GDP of the European Union is larger than the United States and Chin a.[...]
Global Seminar: HONR 3331/3332 in Spain Madrid, Spain
Terms: J-Term Description: Led by Honors Director, Dr. Marcie Paul, and Honors staff member, Stacey Wanta, HONR 3331/3332 examines coexistencia of cultures and peoples in early modern Spain. Students will visit locales where this relationship is still ev ident[...]
Global Seminar: PEAC 110 in Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
Terms: Summer Description:   #SNCadventures await this summer in Costa Rica! As part of PEAC 110: Global Community Engagement with Dr. Doughty, you will complete an international service project, engage with local community members, and explore cultural similarities [...]
Global Seminar: PHIL 389 in Ireland Dublin, Ireland; Limerick, Ireland
Terms: Summer Description: Honors PHIL 389: The Philosophy of Joyce's Ulysses is a 2+2 advanced core curriculum, summer 2019 course. Students must be in the Honors program in order to apply. Drs. John Neary and Joel Mann will lead the course to Ireland to study Ja mes[...]
Global Seminar: SSCI 389 in Sweden Amal, Sweden; Stockholm, Sweden
Terms: Summer Description: What to believe? What to support? Intensive discussions are currently taking place regarding how best to define, shape, and maintain what might be called The Good Society. The United States and Northern Europe have received much of the attention in t hese[...]