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We are excited to introduce Global Seminars! Join your favorite professor and a small group of SNC students for shorter #SNCadventures during the J-Term and Maymester.
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Global Seminar: ART 337 in Rome Rome, Italy
Terms: J-Term Description: ART 337: Rome & Western Culture Through the Visual Arts (C-WT, C-AD) with Professor Ries will explore Rome as a living museum of important western intellectual and artistic traditions with foundations in antiquity. Students will engage [...]
Global Seminar: BIOL 489 in South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Terms: J-Term Description: Would you like to have class while sitting only a few feet away from a wild elephant or rhinoceros? Travel to South Africa and learn while on safari! During J-Term 2019, Dr. Brandt will teach African Wildlife Conservation and Management [...]
Global Seminar: BUAD 389 Leadership Lessons from WWI and WWII Bayeux, France; Berlin, Germany; Bruges, Belgium; Brussels, Belgium; Verdun, France; Weimar, Germany
Terms: Summer Description:   Between 1914 and 1945, a mere 31 years, the world witnessed a period of unprecedented conflict, violence, and inhumanity. Driven by several historical forces – nationalism, imperialism, militarism – combined with remarkable [...]
Global Seminar: HIST 389 in Israel-Palestine Jerusalem, Israel; Nazareth, Israel; Tel Aviv, Israel; Tiberius, Israel
Terms: Summer Description: HIST 389 Israel-Palestine: Common Ground, Sacred Land participants will gain a rich understanding of the region and the issues that have long divided the people who live there. Participants will visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Tiberi us[...]
Global Seminar: HONR 3331/3332 in Spain Madrid, Spain
Terms: J-Term Description: Led by Honors Director, Dr. Marcie Paul, and Honors staff member, Stacey Wanta, HONR 3331/3332 examines coexistencia of cultures and peoples in early modern Spain. Students will visit locales where this relationship is still ev ident[...]
Global Seminar: PEAC 110 in Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
Terms: Summer Description: #SNCadventures await this summer in Costa Rica! As part of PEAC 110: Global Community Engagement with Dr. Doughty, you will complete an international service project, engage with local community members, and explore cultural similarities and [...]